Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Hope is Surely Founded

So much goes on in this world.

So much pain, decay, and death.

Life is truly perplexing; ever changing, ever stirring up storms.

I am drowning in sorrow each night; my heart breaks for those whose hearts have been broken.

For every answer found, one thousand more questions arise.

And yet... there is Hope.

This Hope is not an idea, but a Person. Not a cause, but THE CAUSE.

For Hope is renewing this decaying world.

For Hope shares in our pains, and bears them.

For Hope has slayed death by dying.

For Hope calms the storms of confusion; Hope rescues those drowning in despair.

For Hope comforts those who mourn, and heals the broken heart.

For Hope is the Answer to every question that arises.