Thursday, August 19, 2010


"28About eight days after Jesus said this, he took Peter, John and James with him and went up onto a mountain to pray. 29As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning.... 32Peter and his companions were very sleepy, but when they became fully awake, they saw his glory"
- The Holy Gospel According to St. Luke, chapter 9.

In the Transfiguration of Christ, the curtain is pulled back and we see the Lord in His glory. However, we also see in Him the glory that shall be given us.

Many talk of being "transformed" by God. God calls us to something more than transformation- He call us in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, to be transfigured.

We are to be icons of Christ, just as He is the icon of the Father. And, we are called to grow up into the likeness of Christ; to become more like Him. And while we surely struggle towards this goal through prayer and all manner of works, God is the One Whom ultimately transfigures us.

It is said that at the Eschaton, the world shall be laid bare and all consumed by fire. This is destruction, yes, but also something more. With such fire the world shall be purified of all corruption.

For us in Christ, that time has already come. We who have received the Holy Spirit already are being laid bare and consumed by fire. For as we are purified through the True Flame, we are made more into the likeness of Christ.

Our old sinful self is drowned in Baptism. In Confession, the wounds of spiritual sickness that we inflict are healed and blotted out. In the Holy Eucharist, we receive the Transfigured One Himself. As the purifying coal from the censer of heaven was put upon the lips of Isaiah to cleanse him, so to the Body and Blood of Christ are put upon our lips by the priest for our sanctification.

May we who in Christ be transfigured from glory to glory, that at the coming of Jesus upon the clouds we may raised to Him, fully in His image.

As it is spoken of in the Didache:
"May Grace come and may this world pass away. Marantha!"